Do I Need A Fire Risk Assessment?

If you are looking for the answer whether or not you need a fire risk assessment, then you are at the right place. You are legally obliged to complete a fire risk assessment as the first step for the premise you own. This step is to make sure that your premise is safe from fire. The fire assessment is a methodical and organized way to look at your premise to check the activities that are carried out in the premises and whether or not it can start a fire. Is there any risk of harming the premise by any causes of fire in the premise or not – is also one of the assessments done.


Why Should You Do This?

If you own a business and at your office 5 or more employees are working or even it is a licensed company, then you have to make sure that you are getting the fire assessment done. It is something very important for the safety of your employees as well as your property. Law may differ from one place to another depending on different countries and states. You can hire one of the experts and get your premises tested whether it is safe from fire or not. If you are the responsible person of a particular premise, then you must get your premise reviews and checked regularly for fire risk.


How The Fire Assessment Is Carried?

There are different steps for carrying out Fire Assessment. These are –


– First of all you have to identify the fire hazards. Is there any risk or chances from which fire can evolve? What are the chances and what are these sources? You have to identify each and every aspect.

– After the sources are identified, you have to identify the people who are at risk. This will help you to know how many people are at risk and what can you do to make a safer option for them.

– Then after identifying all the sources of risks and who are at risk, you have to evaluate and remove the risks. If removing is not possible at least you have to take steps and measures to reduce the risks.

– You have to record all the finding and then prepare an emergency plan too for reducing the risk. After this a proper training should be provided to the people, in order to protect and save themselves if anything happens.

– You cannot do it once and stop. You have to review and update the risk assessment regularly to make sure you cover all the new risks and chances that are increasing. Then you have to work according to that to reduce or remove the risk.


Procedure To Stop Fire

With the help of fire assessment, you get to identify the risks and problems and evaluate it. After this, you have to aim for minimizing the risks of fire. You have to plan and execute different ways by which you can reduce the spread of the fire. Also, provide means from where one can escape or take actions to prevent the spread of fire. Also dealing with fire is a must thing to be taught. It is better if people can identify the circumstances that can initiate the emergency situation and know how to evacuate.


You have to keep all the records of fire risk assessment, procedures, fire safety policy, drills, training and the installation of alarms. Keeping all these records and document will help you later on. Emergency lighting and extinguisher must be there to make sure that in case of fire, people can prevent it from spreading as well as they control it well too. Another important thing that you can do is by installing fire resisting doors and walls. These must be kept properly with self-closing devices to ensure better safety.


Any day, an inspector may come for an unannounced inspection and may enter the premises to check and inspect the whole area. Their duty is to identify and check whether or not all the fire equipment are installed properly. Also, they are here to check whether or not enough protection and measures are taken to remove and reduce the risks. These inspectors will also ask for proper documents and plans of the procedure. In case they find any loophole, it can be a legal case too.